BanrimKwae Paerimnam Resort is one of the first and unique resorts in Kanchanaburi, renowned for our distinctive and outstanding tourist activities. Our enchanting viewpoint is considered one of the most beautiful spots along the Kwae Noi River, directly across from the historic Death Railway since World War II. Over 40 years of service, we have continuously improved our accommodations and various facilities, all while preserving the natural beauty of the Sai Yok Forest. This commitment ensures that guests truly experience the relaxing atmosphere during their stay. One of our resort's standout activities is the wet rafting adventure, promising both fun and safety. The resort also features historical light and sound shows, utilizing the actual locations to narrate historical events—a unique experience you won't find elsewhere. The 'Camp Fire' activity, known as the heart of Banrimkwae-Paerimnam Resort, is one of the top attractions along the Kwae Noi River. Additionally, the resort offers seminar rooms accommodating 300-500 people, along with luxurious 4-star accommodations and natural-style rooms in floating houses. The ultimate allure of the resort lies in its delectable and fulfilling meals, guaranteeing quality for over 40 years.

Before becoming the Banrinkwae-Paerimnam resort

Looking back over 60 years to our yesteryears, after the end of World War II, the dense forest area of Sai Yok was a place that many might find it hard to imagine could serve any purpose. This was because there was no electricity, and reaching the area was challenging due to the absence of proper transportation. During that time, the primary modes of transportation were boats and rafts, as the Thai railway did not utilize this route after the war. Additionally, this area was often regarded as a 'blind spot,' making development and utilization difficult.

At the starting point…

Due to the hardships of life, which pressed in, forcing them to escape into the forest, Khun Kamthorn and Khun Urai Lorwongngam, former students from Chiang Mai University, decided to reside in the wilderness. As life partners, they joined forces to build dreams and utilize the knowledge gained from their university studies to construct a complete family. Engaging in the sugarcane farming profession, managing hundreds of acres, and serving as agricultural machinery distributors, they also took on roles as teachers in schools and universities, earning recognition in the province of Chiang Mai. With determination, honesty, and a commitment to developing agricultural tools and equipment for local use, everything seemed smooth and beautiful initially. However, economic conditions, falling sugarcane prices, and rising oil prices led to several years of financial losses in sugarcane farming. Social issues further complicated matters, making it challenging to face the problems and pressures from all sides. Additionally, ensuring the safety of every family member became a concern. In the midst of this, the dense forest area became a space for Khun Kamthorn and Khun Urai Lorwongngam to seek refuge, regroup, and prepare to face the challenges once again.

Being thinkers, developers, and individuals with genuine friendships, even in times of hardship, no matter how difficult, friends who had once studied together often came to visit and provide unwavering support. This was because of a single bamboo house they had initially rented for relaxation and to welcome friends. It became a gateway to creating a small retreat by the banks of the Kwae Noi River. With the determination of Khun Kamthorn and Khun Urai, this area gradually transformed from a dense forest into an open, beautiful, and shaded sanctuary. With two hands, two strengths, but one heart, they faced challenges and expanded the small area by the riverbank for the battles ahead.

Here, created with life, sweat, and tears.

From 1981 to 1983, the construction of Banrimkwae-Paerimnam Resort began, funded by borrowed money and debts. A small raft house originally used for friends and relatives was transformed into a beautiful bamboo raft lodge. However, challenges persisted, facing natural disasters such as forest fires during the dry season and floods that caused the rafts to be washed away. Numerous struggles included dealing with uncontrollable natural events, inability to repay borrowed debts, and the need for repairs to accommodate tourists and promote awareness. Despite the hardships, the skies cleared after the rain, bringing opportunities such as hosting Hollywood films like "Around the World in 80 Days" and “The Bridge on the River Kwai”. Electricity and improved roads followed. In 1986, the State Railway of Thailand utilized the historical railway line, leading to the resort being selected as a business partner for the State Railway of Thailand. We became the first resort in Kanchanaburi to host tourists staying overnight due to the railway's operations. In the following year, 1987, the resort was chosen to expand its tourist programs in collaboration with the State Railway of Thailand, making it a pioneer in promoting various tour programs in Kanchanaburi. Its reputation has grown, becoming a model for various tourism activities up to the present day.

Growth and Quality Certification.

With dedication and heartfelt efforts, Banrimkwae-Paerimnam Resort has grown into a well-known destination for nature lovers in the city of Kanchanaburi. Ready to indulge in various packaged tour activities, including overnight stays and meals for only 350 Baht. The resort's growth is attributed to the personally guided tours by Mr. Kamthorn and the culinary skills of Mrs. Urai. As the number of tourists increased, a greater emphasis was placed on comprehensive service, improved food quality, and a variety of enjoyable activities, all while ensuring safety at all times. The company's self-controlled and managed growth, coupled with hiring regular staff and resort employees to accommodate the growing number of travelers, led to numerous awards in subsequent years.

the resort received the Outstanding Tourism Business Operator Award in the Outstanding Raft Accommodation category from the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Association of Kanchanaburi Province.

the resort was recognized as an Outstanding Business Operator in the Raft Accommodation, Hotel, and Resort category by the Tourism Business Association of Kanchanaburi.

the resort received the Environmental Conservation for Thai Society Award from Professor Sanya Dharmasakti and the Excellent Standard Business Award from Lieutenant General Arthit Kamlang-ek

the resort was selected as an Outstanding Business Operator by the Deputy Prime Minister.

the resort achieved 1st place in the "Tom Yum" soup category in the Kanchanaburi Food and Good Things Festival.

Today marks our journey into happiness in service

Stepping into the 44th year with steadfast stability and a commitment to quality. While advertising efforts have been rare and our marketing team hasn't actively sought out customers, the genuine affection from travelers who have come to love this place has led to word-of-mouth recommendations and widespread acclaim on social networks. This has granted us opportunities for television appearances and the warm welcome of several distinguished personalities, all without any binding contracts. It is a testament to the sincerity we receive from every visitor.

Our resort, situated along the scenic Kwae Noi River, remains dedicated to being the epitome of joy, laughter, and the perfect environment for everyone—families, organizations, companies, and various entities. Like a diverse team of provincial-level instructors and a hub of varied activities, we offer a top-ranked blend of fun and knowledge integration. We are committed to providing comfort for relaxation amidst nature, fostering a sense of family for everyone.

Like the words given by the poet S.E.A. Writer and National Artist. He kindly described it when he visited.



Ban Rim Kwae, Pae Rim Nam, Tham Rim Khao
Ruean Rim Yao, Sao Rim Num, Phum Rim Phai
Nam Rim Yod, Rod Rim Pak, Rak Rim Jai
Ruom Yu Nai, Ban Rim Kwae, Pae Rim Nam

- Naowarat Phongpaiboon -
SEA writer poet and national artist



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