Wat Metta Dhamma Bodhiyan

A Chinese Buddhist temple, is a popular destination for tourists who come to visit and participate in religious activities, especially at the shrine dedicated to make offerings and pray for blessings. The temple complex includes a museum featuring carvings of more than 100 different pagodas, with the prominent one being the 12-meter-tall wooden carving of Goddess Guan Im Pang Pan. Currently, the temple is undergoing the construction of a shrine for Goddess Guan Im Pang Pan, and a large Buddha statue for merit-making is also present.


Both temples are adjacent, approximately 20 kilometers away from the resort. To travel between the two, you can take the old village route via Prasat Mueang Singh.

The program proposed by the accommodation is specifically designed for guests staying for 3 days and 2 nights, particularly for those with private vehicles. The accommodation offers a guided pilgrimage tour within this program.