Saiyok Noi Waterfall

Saiyok Noi Waterfall, also known as Khao Phang Waterfall Located in the Saiyok District and is part of the Saiyok National Park. It is a single-tiered waterfall with a long-standing reputation. Originating from mountain springs, the water flows through small streams before cascading down limestone cliffs, spreading across the sloping hillsides. The area is shaded by various types of trees, creating a picturesque atmosphere. The waterfall is known for its tranquility and natural beauty, with water flowing gracefully over limestone formations. Along the stream, various plants and trees, including bamboo, contribute to the lush surroundings. The waterfall is a serene place, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the natural ambiance. Saiyok Noi Waterfall is situated approximately 20 kilometers away from the resort, and the drive takes around 20-30 minutes.