Rafting Adventure

Embark on the quintessential activity that every visitor to Kanchanaburi must experience – a raft boating adventure on the renowned Kwai Noi River. This river is the origin of raft boating across Thailand, showcasing not only the natural beauty of the Kwai Noi River but also the lush, vibrant flora lining its banks. Immerse yourself in the scenic views as you paddle along the river, passing by the historical railway bridge in front of the resort. Let the playful waters and the unspoiled nature make you forget all your stress, ensuring a 100% safe, 1000% enjoyable, and a million-percent impressive journey


  • Life Jackets
  • Bamboo rafts for river lounging
  • 60-80 seat capacity boats
  • Instructors
  • Safety personnel
  • Traveler's life insurance

Remember, the fun is guaranteed, but it's up to you to experience it firsthand!